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Pricing & Pointers

First things first. Let's meet.


I want to hear all about your vision for the photo shoot; the tone, mood and vibe you are looking to achieve. This is a collaborative process during which we'll discuss wardrobe, locations, props, hair and make-up. Show me examples of what you like on your phone, tablet or you can go old school and share magazine clippings.

Looking good!

Whether you're rocking Birkenstocks and granola or haute couture...or even a little of both, let's tailor an experience that captures all the facets of your personality.

If you are providing your own hair and make-up it is critical to be camera ready at the start of our shoot time. We don't want to lose light or miss any shots because your hair is only half straightened, curled or dried.

It is super important that your clothes be clean (spot free), wrinkle free and organized for quick changes. Have your jewelry, footwear, hats...whatever you style yourself with broken down into specific outfits so we can get as many perfect looks as possible. Text me snaps of potential outfits if you like. Let's keep the conversation and collaboration going before you step in front of the camera.

Visit the Sample page for an idea of what a full day and half day shoot produces.


For example, we met at a horse farm in Wales at 5AM for gorgeous sunrise shots and that soft "first light" and were finished by 8. We reconvened in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood later that day to capture the urban vibe. (Portal-to-portal travel is calculated from my studio base in Milwaukee.)

What do you get out of it?

A beautifully curated collection of high rez digital photographs from which you can make prints, use on social, dating sites, your own website or blog. If you need specific sizes for wallet pictures, yearbook or a specific frame size, send me the deets before we shoot. 

Do I retouch the photographs?

More than retouching, what I do is play with cropping, angles, color, contrast...all the "filmy" stuff that elevates an ordinary picture to a polished, gorgeous photograph. I believe with all my heart that we are perfect the way we are (although I have noooo problem photoshopping a blemish that cropped up that morning!). I know which angles, lighting, lenses and poses are most flattering. Our rapport, my direction and the all technical voodoo net images that capture the many facets of your personality. Photoshop can't do that.

Let's book it.


I work in half-day or full-day increments. Half day rate is $1500. Full day is $2500 based on eight hours (including travel).

When we meet on set I will have mapped out all our shots ahead of time, but the best part of this process is the unexpected magic that happens on every single shoot. Don't be surprised if you find yourself running down the street with me chasing a golden ray of light.


If you so desire I can provide professional hair and make-up stylists that range from $35 to $75 each, per hour. We book stylists to arrive at your home, our location or my studio at least an hour before we shoot.

Call me. (213) 364-5449.

Speaking of books...


I'd love to share with you books I have created for select clients. They're really special. Books start at $1000.


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